Hi, I'm Scott

I'm a UX designer based in Abu Dhabi with a passion for making things better. I love easy user journeys and fast websites, I hate complications and thoughtless projects.

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About me

I'm a 31 year-old father of 2. I have several loves in my life with work being one. I believe everthing reverts back to the user. Apps, lean UX & Sprints are always at the front of my mind. I learnt Photoshop at 12 years old and got my first design job at 13 designing and fitting signs.

You'll see me...

You'll see me...


A project should have a purpose, let's make things better not worse!


A quick sketch to a full XD/Sketch design for all platforms.


A-B tests make hard decisions for us, so lets use them!


Nothing is perfect, minor tweaks can make huge improvements.

Let's talk!

I'm currently looking for a new challenge - please feel free to get in touch however you prefer!

+971 058 500 1647